Source/Archive record (Index) SLI14492 - Designation Decision Records (De-Designated and Non-Designated Entries)

Title Designation Decision Records (De-Designated and Non-Designated Entries)
Date/Year 2012->


Records produced by Historic England for historic places which have been de-designated or where a decision has been made not to designate a site.

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Referenced Monuments (88)

  • 1 Chapel Lane, Toynton All Saints (Building)
  • 10 and 12 Sykes Lane, Saxilby (Monument)
  • 105 High Street, Saxilby with Ingleby (Monument)
  • 11 Northgate, Louth (Monument)
  • 11 Tower Lane, Spalding (Monument)
  • 11a Broadbank, Louth (Building)
  • 11a Northgate, Louth (Monument)
  • 129-129a Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 136-138 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 14 and 16 Albion Street, Spalding (Monument)
  • 17 Church Street, Spalding (Monument)
  • 193 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 2 and 3 High Street, Spalding (Monument)
  • 2 Lee Street, Louth (Building)
  • 203 and 205 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 207 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 209 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 22 and 24 Upgate, Louth (Monument)
  • 30-32 George Street, Louth (Building)
  • 35 South Street, Bourne (Monument)
  • 38-40 Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • 4 Crown Mills, Ramsgate, Louth (Building)
  • 41 Front Street, East Stockwith (Monument)
  • 42a-42b Queen Street, Louth (Monument)
  • 46 and 46A High Street, Colsterworth (Building)
  • 5-7 Lee Street, Louth (Building)
  • 6 New Road, Spalding (Monument)
  • 63 and 65 Main Street, Edenham (Monument)
  • 70 Double Street, Spalding (Monument)
  • 70 to 74 Upgate, Louth (Building)
  • 74 Quadring Road, Donington (Monument)
  • A.C. Whittington's Shop, St John's Street, Wainfleet All Saints (Monument)
  • Bourne Farm Cottage, Trusthorpe (Monument)
  • Bronze Age Round Barrow, Holton le Clay (Monument)
  • Bronze Age Round Barrows, Holton le Clay (Monument)
  • Bronze Age Round Barrows, Tetney (Monument)
  • Casterton House, Casterton Road, Stamford (Building)
  • Church Hall, Eastgate Union Church, Louth (Building)
  • Church of St Edith, Little Carlton (Monument)
  • Church of St John the Divine, Wildsworth (Monument)
  • Church of St Margaret, Authorpe (Monument)
  • Church of St Paul, New Leake (Monument)
  • Control Tower, RAF North Witham (Building)
  • Cosy Cottage, Wainfleet Bank (Building)
  • Cowbridge Iron Footbridge, Fishtoft (Monument)
  • Crown Mills, Ramsgate Road, Louth (Building)
  • Eastgate Union Church, Louth (Building)
  • Farm Buildings, Highbridge Farm, Alvingham (Building)
  • Farmhouse, River Farm, Keddington (Building)
  • Former Corn Exchange, Louth (Monument)
  • Former House, 36 London Road, Spalding (Monument)
  • Former Warehouse, 31a Northgate, Louth (Building)
  • Former Weavers Rooms, James Street, Louth (Building)
  • Foundation House, Crowtree Lane, Louth (Building)
  • Four Trees, Long Sutton (Building)
  • Greenwood Cottage, Moor Road, North Owersby (Building)
  • Harts Grounds Farmhouse, Holland Fen with Brothertoft (Monument)
  • Hit and Miss Inn, Foundry Road, New Town, Stamford (Building)
  • Mareham le Fen Memorial Lawn (Monument)
  • Mill Cottage, Ramsgate Road, Louth (Building)
  • Mill House, Bridge Street, Louth (Building)
  • Norman Hay Farm Cottage, Barff Road, Potterhanworth (Building)
  • Overseer's House, 66 James Street, Louth (Building)
  • Pahud Memorial, Hubbards Hills, Louth (Monument)
  • Pavilion, Skegness (Building)
  • Possible Site of Town Defences, North Street, Stamford (Monument)
  • Probable Long Barrow, Calceby (Monument)
  • Receiver Block, RAF Stenigot (Monument)
  • Roman Catholic Church of St Mary, Upgate, Louth (Building)
  • Sessions House, Eastgate, Louth (Building)
  • Signal Box, Stamford Town Railway Station (Building)
  • Site of Holland House, Wigtoft (Monument)
  • St Mary's Rectory, Upgate, Louth (Building)
  • St Matthew's Church and Church Hall, Boultham Park Road, Lincoln (Monument)
  • Stables, River Farm, Keddington (Building)
  • Stone Cottage, Main Road, Langworth (Building)
  • Tattershall Lodge, 11 Market Place, Tattershall (Building)
  • The Battle of Gainsborough (Monument)
  • The Boars Head, 12 Newmarket, Louth (Building)
  • The Earl's Cottage, Counter Drain Drove, Deeping St Nicholas (Building)
  • The George Inn, Gospelgate, Louth (Monument)
  • The Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall Spa (Building)
  • The Old Cottage, North Somercotes (Monument)
  • The Old Farmhouse, Saltfleetby All Saints (Building)
  • The Stables, Ramsgate Road, Louth (Building)
  • Undated Enclosure, Hemswell Cliff (Monument)
  • Water Pumping Station, Crowtree Lane, Louth (Building)
  • White House Bridge, Dovecote Lane, Wainfleet St Mary (Monument)

Referenced Events (4)

  • Site Visit to 1 Chapel Lane, Toynton All Saints
  • Site Visit to Four Trees, Long Sutton
  • Site Visit to Greenwood Cottage, Moor Road, North Owersby
  • Site Visit to Signal Box, Stamford Town Railway Station

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