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  • The information in the LHER database has been compiled over many years using a variety of sources. Our records are intended to be as accurate as possible, but they should not be considered definitive and consulting the original source material is always recommended.
  • Every effort is made to keep the LHER up-to-date and comprehensive, and it is being added to every day. Please be aware that information regarding existing or newly discovered archaeological sites might not yet have been added, and that future work will undoubtedly result in additional records being created.
  • The accuracy of any particular data cannot be guaranteed, but comments and contributions are welcome.
  • LHER data shown on this website's mapping is for illustrative purposes only and does not necessarily represent an accurate or complete account of archaeological sites or historic features.
  • Definitive information relating to designated heritage assets, including Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, and Registered Parks and Gardens is derived from data supplied by Historic England and is subject to Crown copyright. All designated datasets can be downloaded from Historic England's website.
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