Welcome to the Lincolnshire Heritage Explorer

Lincolnshire is a county rich in fascinating history and archaeology, with evidence ranging from our earliest Stone Age inhabitants, earthworks of many deserted medieval villages, and military structures from 20th century conflicts, amongst many other captivating remains. Evidence of this abundant heritage is detailed in the Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (LHER), the database of all the known archaeological sites, finds and historic buildings in the county. The Lincolnshire Heritage Explorer gives access to many of the records contained in the LHER, allowing everyone to discover the amazing wealth of evidence of Lincolnshire's past.

The LHER is a dynamic dataset, being constantly updated and enhanced as new discoveries are brought to life and old records are reviewed. It is maintained by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff within the Historic Places Team of Lincolnshire County Council. The LHER only covers the area of the current county of Lincolnshire, however, rather than the whole of the historic county. The unitary authorities in North Lincolnshire, North-East Lincolnshire and the City of Lincoln each maintain their own separate records. You can contact staff in the Historic Places Team using the Contact Us form. For more information on the work we carry out at the LHER you can have a look at our leaflet.

It should be noted that the information provided through the Lincolnshire Heritage Explorer is only part of that held by the LHER, and will not be sufficient on its own to inform the planning process. For further details, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

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