Source/Archive record (Bibliographic Reference) SLI932 - The King's England: Lincolnshire (Second Edition)

Title The King's England: Lincolnshire (Second Edition)
Date/Year 1952


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Referenced Monuments (80)

  • All Saint's Church, Hameringham (Building)
  • All Saint's Church, Maltby le Marsh (Building)
  • All Saints Church, Saltfleetby All Saints (Building)
  • All Saints Church, Theddlethorpe All Saints (Building)
  • Anglo-Saxon Coin Hoard, Tetney (Find Spot)
  • Brocklesby Hall, Brocklesby (Building)
  • Brocklesby Park, Brocklesby (Monument)
  • Church of All Saints, Toynton All Saints (Building)
  • Church of St Andrew, Fulletby (Building)
  • Church of St Bartholomew, Covenham St Bartholomew (Building)
  • Church of St Bartholomew, Keelby (Building)
  • Church of St Clement, Saltfleetby St Clement (Building)
  • Church of St Edith, Little Grimsby (Building)
  • Church of St Helen, Theddlethorpe St Helen (Building)
  • Church of St Helen, West Keal (Building)
  • Church of St John the Baptist, Great Carlton (Building)
  • Church of St John the Baptist, Yarburgh (Building)
  • Church of St Leonard, South Cockerington (Building)
  • Church of St Margaret, Keddington (Building)
  • Church of St Martin, Waithe (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Harrington (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Ludborough (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Manby (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Marshchapel (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Wainfleet St Mary (Building)
  • Church of St Mary, Winthorpe (Building)
  • Church of St Nicholas, North Coates (Building)
  • Church of St Oswald, Rand (Building)
  • Church of St Peter and St Paul, Burgh le Marsh (Building)
  • Church of St Peter and St Paul, Ingoldmells (Building)
  • Church of St Peter and St Paul, Tetney (Building)
  • Church of St Peter, Holton le Clay (Building)
  • Church of St Peter, South Somercotes (Building)
  • Church of St Peter, Trusthorpe (Building)
  • Churchyard Cross, St Margaret's Church, Saleby (Monument)
  • Cross, All Saints Churchyard, Friskney (Monument)
  • Cross, Church of St Andrew, Utterby (Monument)
  • Cross, Church of St Edith, Grimoldby (Monument)
  • Cross, St Margaret's Churchyard, Sibsey (Monument)
  • Former Almshouses, South Cockerington (Monument)
  • Former Church of St Andrew, Miningsby (Monument)
  • Grainsby Hall and Park, Grainsby (Monument)
  • Hall, Theddlethorpe All Saints (Building)
  • Kettlethorpe Hall and moated site, Kettlethorpe (Building)
  • Little Grimsby Hall, Little Grimsby (Building)
  • Locksley Hall, North Somercotes (Building)
  • Manor House and Farmhouse, Church End Farm, Keelby (Building)
  • Manor House, Saltfleet (Monument)
  • Medieval Font Bowl, Church of All Saints, Moorby (Find Spot)
  • Old Hall, Marshchapel (Building)
  • Part of an Anglo-Saxon grave cover (Monument)
  • Roughton Hall, Roughton (Building)
  • Saltfleet Settlement (Monument)
  • Site of 12th century church, Winthorpe (Monument)
  • St Adelwold's Church, Alvingham (Building)
  • St Andrew's Church, Stewton (Building)
  • St Benedict's Church, Scrivelsby (Building)
  • St Botolph's Church, Skidbrooke (Building)
  • St Clement's Church, Grainthorpe (Building)
  • St Helen's Church, Burgh on Bain (Building)
  • St Helen's Church, East Keal (Building)
  • St Helen's Church, North Thoresby (Building)
  • St James' Church, Louth (Building)
  • St Lawrence's Church, Fulstow (Building)
  • St Margaret's Church, Sibsey (Building)
  • St Martin's Church, Welton le Marsh (Building)
  • St Mary's Church, Alvingham (Building)
  • St Mary's church, Covenham St Mary (Building)
  • St Mary's Church, Fotherby (Building)
  • St Mary's Church, Mablethorpe (Building)
  • St Mary's Church, North Somercotes (Building)
  • St Nicholas Church, Grainsby (Building)
  • St Peter's Church Tower, Saltfleetby St Peter (Monument)
  • St Peter's Church, Conisholme (Building)
  • St Peter's Church, Saltfleetby St Peter (Building)
  • The Windmill, Sibsey (Monument)
  • Utterby Manor, Utterby (Building)

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