Source/Archive record (Article in Serial) SLI765 - 'Archaeology in Lincolnshire and South Humberside, 1978' in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology

Title 'Archaeology in Lincolnshire and South Humberside, 1978' in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
Date/Year 1979


Article collating short notes on the more important archaeological excavations, discoveries, fieldwork and research projects conducted in Lincolnshire during the stated year.

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Published in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, vol.14, pp.65-85


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Referenced Monuments (39)

  • Anglo-Saxon 'Small Long' Brooch, Owmby Cliff Farm (Find Spot)
  • Barn, Manor Farm, Belleau (Building)
  • Belleau Manor Moated Site (Monument)
  • Billingborough middle to late Bronze Age settlement (Monument)
  • Catley Abbey (Monument)
  • Cherry Willingham Settlement (Monument)
  • Church of St Peter and St Paul, Cherry Willingham (Building)
  • Churchyard, Church of All Saints, Upton (Monument)
  • Churchyard, Church of St Peter and St Paul, Cherry Willingham (Monument)
  • Clump Hill Tree Ring, Legsby (Monument)
  • Double-Ditched Curvilinear Feature, Ingham Cliff Farm (Monument)
  • Early Medieval Settlement Site, Church Lane, Cherry Willingham (Monument)
  • Fishponds, 350m North of Scrivelsby Court (Monument)
  • Jurassic Spine Multiple Linear Boundary (Monument)
  • Linear Boundary System, Between Nettleham Glebe and Danby Hill (Monument)
  • Linear Feature, Hall Farm, Nettleham (Monument)
  • Medieval Settlement of Horncastle (Monument)
  • Medieval Settlement Remains, East of Scrivelsby (Monument)
  • Medieval Settlement Remains, West of Scrivelsby (Monument)
  • Middle Carlton Deserted Medieval Village, North Carlton (Monument)
  • Middle Saxon Pottery, Gedney (Monument)
  • Multiple Ditch System, Patchett's Cliff, Hemswell Cliff (Monument)
  • Multiple Ditch System, Riseholme Lane, Nettleham (Monument)
  • Neolithic Beaker Potsherds and Flint Flake, Beacon Hill (Monument)
  • Neolithic Chalk Axehead, Kettlethorpe (Find Spot)
  • Old Manor House, Lusby (Monument)
  • Ornamental Moat, Mareham le Fen (Monument)
  • Owmby Roman Settlement (Monument)
  • Pagan Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Lincoln Road, Ruskington (Monument)
  • Polished Chalk Axe, Hardwick (Find Spot)
  • Possible Civil War Armour, Scrafield, Mareham on the Hill (Find Spot)
  • Possible Triple-Ditched Linear Feature, Mill Hill, Glentham (Monument)
  • Possible Triple-Ditched Linear Feature, Waddingham (Monument)
  • Roman Finds and Activity, Lincoln Road, Ruskington (Monument)
  • Roman Pottery, Cherry Willingham (Monument)
  • Triple-Ditch Linear System, Greetwell North Farm (Monument)
  • Triple-Ditched Linear Feature, Grayingham (Monument)
  • Unlocated Anglo-Saxon Cruciform Brooch, Owmby (Find Spot)
  • Walled Roman Settlement of Bannovallum, Horncastle (Monument)

Referenced Events (6)

  • Archaeological excavation of part of the Ruskington Anglo-Saxon cemetery, 1977-8
  • Excavation at Billingborough
  • Excavations at 27 High Street, Horncastle
  • Field observations at Catley Abbey 1969-1978
  • Field walking in village center of Cherry Willingham
  • Field walking in village center of Middle Carlton

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