Thesaurus Term/Concept: FARM LABOURERS COTTAGE

Identifier 71515
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The dwelling place of a farm worker.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI90352 1-2 Castle Cottages, Sleaford Road, Tattershall (Building)
Monument Type MLI126133 Cottage at Grayingham Grange (Building)
Monument Type MLI126137 Cottage at Grayingham Grange (Building)
Monument Type MLI95357 Dovecote Cottage, the Bungalow and Crew Yards, Home Farm, Stoke Rochford (Building)
Monument Type MLI126135 Former Cottages at Grayingham Grange (Building)
Monument Type MLI116112 Glebe Farm Cottages, Blankney Drove (Building)
Monument Type MLI88815 Hanthorpe Settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81300 Medieval to post-medieval farm site, Ketsby House Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89249 Nos. 17-23 North Road, Cranwell (Building)