Thesaurus Term/Concept: GULLY

Identifier 70935
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A deep gutter, drain or sink.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI87062 17th - 18th century gully at Little Grimsby Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81925 A late 18th century farmstead, Chapel Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83966 A Neolithic cache pit, King Street, West Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83154 A possible post medieval gully, close to Dembleby Gorse (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83147 A post-medieval field boundary, Chain Farm House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81907 A post-medieval gully, West End (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81847 A probable Late Iron Age/early Roman enclosure, Brauncewell Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81754 A Romano-British gully, 34 Station Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81843 A Romano-British settlement and activity, Brauncewell Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81757 A Romano-British settlement, off Sleaford Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30277 All Saints Church, Hough (Building)
Monument Type MLI80077 Allington Medieval Settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34120 An early Romano-British settlement, Bourne North Fen/Dyke Fen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41009 Bronze Age settlement site, Hagnaby Lock, Stickford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116177 Churchyard, Holy Trinity Collegiate Church, Tattershall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89818 Early Anglo-Saxon settlement remains, Evedon (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34999 Early Bronze Age settlement remains, Baston Fen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97338 Early Saxon remains to the west of Lodge Farm, Skendleby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20191 Early Saxon settlement, Leaves Lake Drove (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20120 Early Saxon site at Third Drove, Gosberton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20115 Early to middle Saxon settlement at Mornington House, Gosberton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89330 Early to middle Saxon settlement remains on land at Holdingham, Sleaford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20123 Early to Middle Saxon site at Chopdike Drove, Gosberton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82809 Early to mid-Saxon settlement, Main Street, Kirkby Green (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81438 Early/Mid-Iron Age settlement features, north of Stamford Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82621 Iron Age activity off Stephens Road, Sleaford. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80666 Iron Age and Roman remains south of Fen Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87727 Iron Age ditches and gullies on land at Doddington Littlegate, Dry Doddington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97725 Iron Age ditches and gullies, Great Gonerby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125943 Iron Age Ditches and Pits, Walnut Tree Field, Wellingore (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116324 Iron Age Ditches, Main Road, Baumber (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82561 Iron Age Enclosure near Mount Lane. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20178 Iron Age Remains, Fen Farm, Pinchbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83363 Iron Age salt-making site, Helpringham Fen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34880 Iron Age saltworkings, Langtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81614 Iron Age settlement activity, Gorse Lane/B1174 junction (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82555 Iron Age settlement near Ewerby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89706 Iron Age settlement site, Bone's Farm, Kirkby la Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82556 Iron Age Settlement to the West of Ewerby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89741 Iron Age settlement, Dorrington Fen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81430 Iron Age to Romano-British enclosure and other features, Hollowbrook Close (Monument)
Monument Type MLI40583 Iron Age/Roman site, Hall Lane/Barnack Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98782 Late 1st to 2nd century gully containing industrial waste and possible associated features, Backgate, Cowbit (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81138 Late Anglo-Saxon probable boundary ditches, The Green, Orby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI54278 Late Anglo-Saxon remains on land at Home Farm, Laughterton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81502 Late Anglo-Saxon/early medieval farmstead, Simons Close (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33379 Late Bronze Age or Iron Age to Roman features, Mill Field, Market Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI32862 Late Bronze Age to early Iron Age Salt Making Site, Billingborough (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89728 Late Iron Age and early Romano-British settlement, Langton by Wragby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87499 Late Iron Age Settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89759 Late Iron Age to early Romano-British metal-working site, Ruskington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82549 Late Iron Age to Roman Settlement near the Westerns, Waddingworth (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87139 Late Iron Age to Romano-British activity at land in Wickenby and Lissington parishes (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81553 Late Iron Age to Romano-British settlement features, Market Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI99129 Late Iron Age/Roman Settlement Activity, Croft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80545 Late Iron Age/Romano-British Settlement, Horncastle (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86409 Late Iron to early Romano-British site southeast of Hermitage Low Farm, Harpswell (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92157 Late Neolithic to early Bronze Age activity, West Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90818 Late post medieval features at Captains Beck, Pinchbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81870 Late Roman settlement activity, Hall Orchard Lane, Welbourn (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82016 Late Roman settlement, Leadenham Quarry, Welbourn (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82626 Late Romano-British enclosures and possible farmstead or villa, Kirkby la Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83387 Late Saxon activity, off Norbeck Lane, Welton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125945 Late Saxon Features, Walnut Tree Field, Wellingore (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86946 Late Saxon gullies, Broadgate, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83900 Late Saxon gully or large posthole north of the Old Rectory, South Willingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81256 Late Saxon to medieval industrial activity, Morley Lane, Bicker (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83398 Late Saxon/medieval features, west of Market Stainton Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83967 Later Prehistoric features, King Street, West Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80627 Little Hale settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI43584 Medieval - post medieval salt workings, north of St Michaels Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85458 Medieval activitity, Star Lane, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97255 Medieval Activity, 74 Newport, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84959 Medieval Activity, Woolram Wygate, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82624 Medieval and post medieval agricultural activity, off Stephens Way. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI53156 Medieval and Post-medieval Settlement, Dunholme (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89829 Medieval building remains and associated features, Ruskington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82606 Medieval domestic activity at Aveland Way (Monument)
Monument Type MLI43736 Medieval features and waster sherds (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81825 Medieval features, Main Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81480 Medieval gullies and undated probably medieval pits, Mareham Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41032 Medieval Kilns, 'The Roses', Toynton All Saints (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97845 Medieval occupation and shell processing site, Boston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82708 Medieval pottery scatter on land north of Wardentree Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34967 Medieval remains, Appletrees (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87433 Medieval ridge and furrow (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81042 Medieval Settlement of Horncastle (Monument)
Monument Type MLI23602 Medieval Settlement of Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41050 Medieval site in Stickney (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80848 Medieval to modern field system at Westfield Avenue, North Greetwell (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83958 Medieval to post medieval features, Healthlinc House, Welton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81300 Medieval to post-medieval farm site, Ketsby House Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84622 Middle to Late Bronze Age remains at Clampgate Road, Fishtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87599 Middle to late Iron Age and early Roman occupation, Kirkby la Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60812 Middle-late Iron Age settlement, East Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90089 Neolithic features on Sleaford Moor, to the south of the A17 (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88741 Old Leake Settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81200 Peripheral Saxon settlement features, Hall Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83062 Possible brick making site, Low Road, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80871 Possible Bronze Age linear gully, Millthorpe. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81672 Possible early Neolithic settlement features and finds west of Ermine Street, Navenby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81155 Possible Iron Age gullies, Meadow Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82431 Possible kiln site, Delaine's Meadow, Spalding Road, Bourne. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89783 Possible Neolithic gully on land off Mill Lane, Oasby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83151 Possible Prehistoric activity, close to Dembleby Gorse (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86725 Possible prehistoric features on land at Annpasture Lane, Tattershall Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80823 Possible Romano-British iron working site on land south of Tennyson Drive, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87041 Post medieval activity at Manor Pit, Baston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86586 Post medieval building evidence on land at Watergate Car Park, Watergate, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83063 Post medieval buildings, Low Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87431 Post medieval gully pits and wells (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87252 Post medieval gully, found on Broadway, Crowland (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34968 Post medieval remains, Appletrees (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83317 Post medieval settlement and agricultural activity, Low Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97256 Post-Medieval Activity, 74 Newport, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81753 Post-Medieval Activity, Danes Terrace (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80826 Post-Medieval building remains on land south of West Road, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83149 Post-medieval ditches and possible road, A52/Long Hollow junction (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80853 Post-medieval features off East Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90071 Post-medieval Flood Defence Ditches, Bicker Fen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81711 Post-medieval gully, Hallgate (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85833 Post-medieval riverbank and associated features, High Street, Boston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI23604 Post-Medieval Settlement of Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83615 Prehistoric activity off Field Side (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84769 Prehistoric activity, Partney (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80745 Prehistoric occupation site, off Nelson Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82804 Probable Neolithic settlement activity, Casewick Lane/West Road, Tallington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83148 Probable post medieval field boundary, north of A52 (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83146 Probable Romano-British gullies and pit, Chain Farm House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89054 Roman activity, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97266 Roman activity, High Street, Bassingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83950 Roman cemetery and features, Bourne Grammar School, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI70148 Roman defences and settlement on Motherby Hill, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60891 Roman farmstead and burial ground, Boston Road, Kirkby le Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89442 Roman features near the Skinner Building, Bishop Grosseteste College (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87322 Roman field system and occupation near Walk Farm, Great Carlton. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87323 Roman field system near Gayton le Marsh (Monument)
Monument Type MLI124992 Roman Gully, Station Road, Legbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI54269 Roman Kilns, Linwood Road Market Rasen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97519 Roman occupation, former Army Cadet Force HQ, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34966 Roman remains, Appletrees (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86347 Roman salt-making, land east of Stamford House Farm, Cowbit (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60537 Roman Settlement, Ermine Street, Navenby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97422 Roman site on the route of the Burgh le Marsh Bypass (Monument)
Monument Type MLI52936 Romano-British Activity, Fiskerton Road, Reepham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82564 Romano-British aisled building and associated features, Kirkby la Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86358 Romano-British burials within a possible mortuary enclosure, west of Ermine Street, Navenby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125944 Romano-British Ditches, Walnut Tree Field, Wellingore (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82465 Romano-British farmstead and enclosure, near Normanton Wood, Normanton. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84707 Romano-British features on land at Caistor Grammar School, Caistor (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97253 Romano-British Features, 74 Newport, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89769 Romano-British field system and associated features, Ruskington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87537 Romano-British pit, gully and artefacts, Bracebridge Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89782 Romano-British rectilinear field system, gullies and pits, Ruskington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60584 Romano-British roadside settlement to the north of Boston Road, Sleaford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80822 Romano-British settlement site on land south of Tennyson Drive, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81154 Romano-British settlement site, Meadow Lane, North Hykeham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI40654 Romano-British Site, Ludford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI50991 Romano-British Villa, New Ten Acre Covert, Sudbrooke (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80825 Salt-processing activity on land south of Tennyson Drive, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI54241 SAXON REMAINS, CHURCH FARM (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98582 Saxon to early medieval pits, linear features and gullies, land off Hall Lane, Stickney (Monument)
Monument Type MLI51053 Settlement Earthworks of Glentham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60611 Settlement of Bassingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81373 Settlement of Bracebridge (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81752 Settlement of Covenham St Bartholomew (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88070 Settlement of Grimoldby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87569 Settlement of Holdingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82814 Settlement of Kirkby Green (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80550 Settlement of Little Bytham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41923 Settlement of Little Cawthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87656 Settlement of North Coates (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86774 Settlement of Scopwick (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80549 Settlement of Sibsey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI53508 SETTLEMENT OF SOUTH KELSEY (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60815 Settlement of South Kyme (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81362 Settlement of Swineshead (Monument)
Monument Type MLI13166 Settlement of Wrangle (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41161 Site of Acthorpe Medieval Village (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20037 The Settlement of Donington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI20461 The Settlement of Gedney (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81203 The settlement of Great Hale (Monument)
Monument Type MLI51453 The settlement of Ingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81656 The Settlement of Kirton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85424 Third to fourth century Romano-British occupation site, South Road, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82625 Undated agricultural activity off Stephens Way. (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87497 Undated ditch and gully (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87274 Undated ditch and gully on Burgh le Marsh bypass (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80668 Undated ditch and gully, Plot 1, Fen Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83167 Undated ditch and ring gullys, Spalding Golf Course (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98280 Undated ditch, gully and furrows, South Road, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI13422 Undated ditches and gullies, Church Road, Skirbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87432 Undated ditches and gully, probably dating to the medieval to post medieval era (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87520 Undated ditches and gullys, Canwick (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89337 Undated ditches and possible kilns on land at Swinderby Airfield, Swinderby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116439 Undated Ditches, Elmhirst Road, Horncastle (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87268 Undated ditches, pit and gully at Fiskerton borrow pit (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80752 Undated features adjacent to Silver Street (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82839 Undated features at Bayfield Farm, Timberland (Monument)
Monument Type MLI35124 Undated features east of King Street, West Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81044 Undated features north of Conging Street (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81198 Undated features of indeterminate function, Hall Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60690 Undated features on land adjacent to Mareham Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85678 Undated features on land at Backgate, Cowbit (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84819 Undated features on land at Baston Quarry (NO.2), Langtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85484 Undated features on land at Thorold's Charity Primary School, Marston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60768 Undated features on land off East Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86447 Undated features on land off Godsey's Lane, Market Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97862 Undated features on land off Kings Road, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89089 Undated features on land off Manwarings Way, Swineshead (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86962 Undated features on land off Ruston Way, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91629 Undated features on land off Winton Road, Navenby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85785 Undated features on land south of 'Inglenook', Fiskerton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97421 Undated features on land west of Baumber (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83519 Undated features, Appletrees (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81914 Undated features, Bacon's Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83190 Undated Features, Claylake Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116020 Undated Features, Cliff Road, Welton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82106 Undated features, Greetwell Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83332 Undated features, Hall Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MLI115918 Undated Features, Hareby Hill, Old Bolingbroke (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83957 Undated features, Healthlinc House, Welton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125304 Undated Features, High Street, North Kelsey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81697 Undated features, Huttoft Primary School (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81271 Undated features, Morley Lane, Bicker (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83916 Undated features, Navigation Lane, Caistor (Monument)
Monument Type MLI82123 Undated features, off Scothern Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81758 Undated features, off Sleaford Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125423 Undated Features, Osgodby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84155 Undated Features, Sleaford North Junction, Sleaford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83377 Undated features, south of Morton Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83526 Undated features, Stenigot Reservoir (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81531 Undated features, The Causeway (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85264 Undated features, The Old Rectory, Holbeach (Monument)
Monument Type MLI60810 Undated features, Whyche area, Bilinghay (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97724 Undated gullies and postholes, Great Gonerby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87289 Undated gullies at Langtoft Primary School, Manor Close, Langtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81124 Undated gullies, All Saint's churchyard (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116135 Undated Gullies, Jacksons Lane, Burgh le Marsh (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125589 Undated Gullies, Littleworth Drove, Deeping St Nicholas (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81897 Undated gullies, The White House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87494 Undated gully and ditch (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85649 Undated gully on land at 4 Eastgate, Sleaford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98030 Undated gully or pit, 4 to 12 Church Street, Donington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI124957 Undated Gully, Mapleton Farm, Horsington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80621 Undated gully, Mareham le Fen Primary School (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83119 Undated gully, Market Deeping Bypass (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87539 Undated gullys (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87535 Undated gullys and pit (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89843 Undated iron-working site, Bardney Common (Monument)
Monument Type MLI115999 Undated Linear Feature, Tetney Golf Club (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97265 Undated linear features and post holes, High Street, Bassingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98224 Undated Pit and Ditches, The Poplars, Legbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88181 Undated pit, ditches, gully and posthole at South Kyme (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87512 Undated pit, ditches, gullys and postholes, Canwick (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98337 Undated pit, post holes and gully, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83003 Undated pits and ditch, Fulbeck Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MLI125341 Undated Pits and Gully, 43 Church Street, Middle Rasen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87057 Undated pits gullies and posthole at Bedehouse Bank, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI87040 Undated pits, ditches and gullies at Manor Pit, Baston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97822 Undated pits, postholes and ditches, land off Barnack Road, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81135 Undated, possibly Romano-British, ditches off Great Fen Road (Monument)
Monument Type MLI43583 Walled Roman Settlement of Bannovallum, Horncastle (Monument)