Thesaurus Term/Concept: GATE

Identifier 70371
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A movable stucture which enables or prevents entrance to be gained. Usually situated in a wall or similar barrier and supported by gate posts.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI95082 8 High Street, Corby Glen (Building)
Monument Type MLI96673 Acorn House, Snitterby (Building)
Monument Type MLI96224 Archway on the site of St Peter's Gate, St Peter's Street, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI92371 Boultham Hall Park, Moorland, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95698 Boundary wall and gateway to Ivy Cottage, Church Street, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95531 Boundary wall at 2 Pond Street, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95704 Boundary wall at the junction of Main Street and Washdyke Lane, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93938 Boundary wall bordering Minster Yard to the south, Lincoln (Building)
Monument Type MLI95464 Boundary wall on the north east side of the High Street, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95454 Boundary wall, gateway and gazebo, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95495 Boundary walls and gateways to Belton park, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI35035 Brasenose College gate, St Paul's Street, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116014 Brattleby War Memorial gateway at St Cuthbert's Church (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30635 BRIDGE GATE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92580 Casterton House, Wigtoft (Building)
Monument Type MLI95073 Castle Farmhouse, gates and railings, Castle Bytham (Building)
Monument Type MLI94622 Cheal House, Gosberton (Building)
Monument Type MLI116044 Cherry Willingham War Memorial (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96657 Church gate and railings, Pilham (Building)
Monument Type MLI86526 Church of St Michael and All Angels and Wall, Gate and Gate Piers, Church Street, Louth (Building)
Monument Type MLI86187 Church View and Gates, Main Street, Boothby Graffoe (Building)
Monument Type MLI94777 Churchyard Gate and Railings, Church of St James, Woolsthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95409 Churchyard gateway and boundary wall, Church of St Peter and Saint Paul, Belton and Manthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI95508 Churchyard railing and gate, Church of St John, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92576 Coach House, Gin House, Granary and Gates, Casterton Farm, Wigtoft (Building)
Monument Type MLI93282 Coach House, Gunby Hall (Building)
Monument Type MLI95456 Entrance gates and railings to the Wilderness, Belton House, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93060 Entrance gates, piers and walls to Raithby Hall, Raithby (Building)
Monument Type MLI95327 Estate Cottages (entrance lodges to Denton Park), 63 and 64 Main Street, Denton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95608 Footbridge, Bourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95524 Forecourt gateway and screen at Harlaxton Manor, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI90014 Garden Gateway at Fillingham Castle, Fillingham (Building)
Monument Type MLI94808 Garden Gateway to Agent's House, Denton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93281 Garden Gateway to Gunby Hall, Candlesby with Gunby (Building)
Monument Type MLI93009 Garden Gateway, Thorpe Hall, South Elkington (Building)
Monument Type MLI95423 Garden terrace with steps and gazebos at Harlaxton Manor, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI94810 Garden Terrace, railings and two gateways, south of Gatehouse, Easton (Building)
Monument Type MLI94940 Garden wall and doorway at Grantham House, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95474 Garden wall and gates to the Vicarage, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96804 Garden wall and gateway at The Vicarage, Great Limber (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96466 Garden Wall at the Bungalow, Market Rasen (Building)
Monument Type MLI94476 Garden wall to the south of 4 Church Street, Spalding (Building)
Monument Type MLI95785 Garden wall, sundial, gateway and two sheds, Easton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93571 Garden walls and gateway to churchyard, Raithby (Building)
Monument Type MLI96030 Gate and flanking walls, Caythorpe Court, Caythorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI94830 Gate and gate piers, St Andrew Churchyard, Denton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96939 Gate Lodges, gateway and gates at Norton Place, Bishop Norton (Building)
Monument Type MLI83637 Gate Piers and gates to Casewick Park, Uffington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86296 Gate piers, gates, screen and wall to Frampton Hall, Frampton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96974 Gate Piers, walls and pedestrian gates to Burton Hall, Burton (Building)
Monument Type MLI98179 Gate, Gate Piers and Tall Wall, Uffington House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95768 Gate, screen wall and balustrade to the west of Stoke Rochford Hall, Stoke Rochford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI94166 Gatepiers and gates to Blair House, Billinghay (Building)
Monument Type MLI95797 Gatepiers, gateway and railings, Churchyard, Colsterworth (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95957 Gatepiers, St Andrew's churchyard, Horbling (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89501 Gates and gate lodges to College Hall at RAF Cranwell (Building)
Monument Type MLI96515 Gates and gate piers to the north west of Hicknam Hill, Gainsborough (Building)
Monument Type MLI93275 Gates and Gate Piers to Well Vale Park, Well (Building)
Monument Type MLI95922 Gates and Gate Piers, Church of St John, Corby Glen (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83636 Gates and Gate Piers, Uffington House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96725 Gates and Piers, Nettleham Hall, Nettleham (Building)
Monument Type MLI96341 Gates and railing to Newton House, Irnham (Building)
Monument Type MLI93532 Gates and Screen, Ormsby Hall, South Ormsby (Building)
Monument Type MLI90603 Gates and walls at Bass Maltings Cottages, Mareham Lane, Sleaford (Building)
Monument Type MLI96019 Gates at Fulbeck Hall, Fulbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI94198 GATES TO BLANKNEY HALL, BLANKNEY (Monument)
Monument Type MLI94806 Gates to Denton Park, Denton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88202 Gates to Dorrington House, Main Street, Dorrington (Building)
Monument Type MLI92477 Gates to Number 96, London Road, Kirton (Building)
Monument Type MLI94131 Gates to Skellingthorpe Hall, Skellingthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI92607 Gates to Skirbeck House, Fishtoft (Building)
Monument Type MLI92519 Gates to Skirbeck House, Fishtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96746 Gates, Gate Piers and Lodges, Sudbrooke Holme, Sudbrooke (Building)
Monument Type MLI95935 Gates, gateway and wall to Irnham Hall, Irnham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83653 Gates, piers and walls to churchyard. Uffington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93544 Gates, piers, walls and balustrades, Girsby Manor, Burgh on Bain (Building)
Monument Type MLI96054 Gateway (known as Inigo Jones Gateway), Denton Park, Denton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95461 Gateway and Boundary Wall to Conygree, 26 High Street, Harlaxton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95467 Gateway and boundary wall to the Old Manor House, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95686 Gateway and boundary wall to the south and east of Sedgebrook Manor, Sedgebrook (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95847 Gateway and flanking walls to The Manor House, Folkingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95672 Gateway and Flanking Walls, Stubton Hall Park (Building)
Monument Type MLI94978 Gateway and garden wall of Fir Tree House, Haconby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96525 Gateway and Garden Wall, Manor House, Bardney (Building)
Monument Type MLI94805 Gateway and gate, Denton Park, Denton (Building)
Monument Type MLI96206 Gateway and railings, St Andrew's Churchyard, Irnham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95739 Gateway and screen wall at Harlaxton Manor, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI90030 Gateway at Fillingham Castle, Fillingham (Building)
Monument Type MLI96826 Gateway at Scampton House Field, Scampton (Building)
Monument Type MLI93232 Gateway in the grounds of Holbeck Manor, Somersby (Building)
Monument Type MLI95827 Gateway opposite Fulbeck Hall, Fulbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95941 Gateway to Aslackby Manor, Aslackby and Laughton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95451 Gateway to Belton Park, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93142 Gateway to East Lodge, Legbourne (Building)
Monument Type MLI94863 Gateway to Fulbeck Manor, Fulbeck (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96584 Gateway to Gate Burton Hall, Gate Burton (Building)
Monument Type MLI86613 Gateway to Leadenham House, Rectory Lane, Leadenham (Building)
Monument Type MLI96095 Gateway to Sir Malcolm Sargent School, All Saints' Street, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI96320 Gateway to The Forge, 77 High Street, Harlaxton (Building)
Monument Type MLI94964 Gateway to the Old Rectory, Market Deeping (Building)
Monument Type MLI92987 Gateway to the stable block at Hainton Hall, Hainton (Building)
Monument Type MLI90013 Gateway with attached lodges and walls to Fillingham Castle, Fillingham (Building)
Monument Type MLI96820 Gateway, gate piers and mounting block, Kettlethorpe Hall, Kettlethorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI93203 Gateway, north of Hainton Hall, Hainton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95500 Gateway, screen walls and guardstones adjoining North Lodge, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95240 Gateways, walls and railings, at The Old School, Horbling (Building)
Monument Type MLI81257 Heighington Methodist Chapel and attached railings, Chapel Lane, Heighington (Building)
Monument Type MLI96266 Home Farmhouse and adjoining boundary wall, Belton and Manthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI93949 Inner East Gateway to Bishops Palace, Lincoln (Building)
Monument Type MLI50092 'KATHERINE'S ARCH', KETTLETHORPE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95336 Kitchen garden walls and gateway, tool house, apple house, gardener's house and cottage, Easton (Building)
Monument Type MLI33412 Langtoft Hall, Gardens and Park, Langtoft (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85953 Lister Place, Church Walk, Brant Broughton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95996 Lodge and Gates to Caythorpe Hall (Building)
Monument Type MLI92986 Lodge to Hainton Hall, Hainton (Building)
Monument Type MLI86238 Lodge, 96 London Road, Kirton (Building)
Monument Type MLI89423 Lodge, Gates and Railings to South Rauceby Hall (Building)
Monument Type MLI70141 Lower west gate, city defences and settlement evidence, The Park (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96627 Lychgate and wall at Old Church House, Cold Hanworth (Building)
Monument Type MLI95206 Lychgate to the Church of St Andrew, Boothby Pagnall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI94763 Medieval gateway in a wall to the rear of Bath Row, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI70153 Newport Arch, town wall and 52 Bailgate (house adjoining Newport Arch), Newport, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81262 No 33 and attached wall and railings, High Street (Building)
Monument Type MLI83771 No 43 High Street, Market Deeping (Building)
Monument Type MLI87824 No 63, The Red House, gate and railings, High Street, Heckington (Building)
Monument Type MLI81264 No 65 Clark's Farmhouse and outbuildings, High Street, Heighington (Building)
Monument Type MLI96914 No.16 Front Street, Morton (Building)
Monument Type MLI90064 Number 179 and gateway, London Road, Boston (Building)
Monument Type MLI95425 Nursery garden walls north and east of North Lodge, Belton and Manthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI96975 Old School, wall, gate piers and gate, Burton (Building)
Monument Type MLI95802 Old Stables, Irnham (Building)
Monument Type MLI93950 Outer East Gateway, Bishops Palace, Lincoln (Building)
Monument Type MLI95741 Park gateway, 300 metres north east of Belton House, Belton and Manthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96364 Pedestrian Gateway, Uffington House (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93954 Priorygate Arch, Lincoln (Building)
Monument Type MLI93885 Railings and gateway, 17 James Street, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI70148 Roman defences and settlement on Motherby Hill, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI50614 Ruins of Bayons Manor, Tealby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96273 Screen and gateway to West Courtyard, Belton House, Belton and Manthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI95285 Shuttlecock Lodge, gateway and store, Swinstead Road, Irnham (Building)
Monument Type MLI30631 SITE OF MEDIEVAL NEWGATE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93500 South entrance gates, screens and piers to Revesby Abbey, Revesby (Building)
Monument Type MLI95681 South Gates to Belton park, Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30630 ST CLEMEMT GATE, SCOTGATE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30633 St George's Gate, Cornstall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81018 St John the Evangelist's church (Building)
Monument Type MLI10032 St Mary's Guildhall, Boston (Building)
Monument Type MLI86105 St Pauls Gate, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30629 ST PETER'S GATE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30652 ST PETER'S PARSONAGE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98672 Stone cill suggesting the site of an earlier gate, Castle Moat House, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81542 Stonefield House and Gates, 14 Sleaford Road, Branston (Building)
Monument Type MLI93128 Terrace, garden and court walls, Harrington Hall, Harrington (Building)
Monument Type MLI86007 The Hollies and attached walls and gates, High Street, Brant Broughton (Building)
Monument Type MLI93452 The Lion Gateway, Scrivelsby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85952 The Priory, Church Walk, Brant Broughton (Building)
Monument Type MLI93041 Toynton Lodge, gate and railings, Toynton All Saints (Building)
Monument Type MLI94971 Wall and gate lodges to The Grange, Morton (Building)
Monument Type MLI94768 Wall and gates to 2 Broad Street, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI94725 Wall and gateway to St Michael's churchyard, High Street, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI94253 Wall and gateway to the parish church of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding (Building)
Monument Type MLI92798 Wall and Gateways to St John's Buildings, Boston (Building)
Monument Type MLI96363 Wall and gateways to the west side of the churchyard, Market Deeping (Building)
Monument Type MLI95128 Wall in the yard abutting on 33 St Peter's Street, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI94550 Wall to 11 Broad Street, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95048 Walled garden to Irnham Hall, Irnham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30634 WATER GATE (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86017 West House with attached gate and railings, West Street, Brant Broughton (Building)
Monument Type MLI82009 West Lodge and gates, Church Lane (Building)
Monument Type MLI96625 Westgate House, Wildsworth (Building)
Monument Type MLI96653 Willow Bank house, gate and railings, Morton (Building)