Identifier 68765
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building, structure or landscape created to commemorate a person or event.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI126076 1953 Flood Memorial, Mablethorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30383 All Saints' Church, Hougham (Building)
Monument Type MLI126102 Battle of Gainsborough Memorial (Monument)
Monument Type MLI94081 Charlesworth Monument, Union Road, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI52638 Church and churchyard of St Peter and St Paul, Caistor (Building)
Monument Type MLI33937 Church of St Andrew and St Mary, South Stoke (Building)
Monument Type MLI33853 Church of St Mary Magdalene, Old Somerby (Building)
Monument Type MLI22281 Church of St Mary Magdelene, Gedney (Building)
Monument Type MLI96529 Church of St Peter and St Paul, Cherry Willingham (Building)
Monument Type MLI22458 Church of St Peter and St Paul, Gosberton (Building)
Monument Type MLI86799 Church of the Holy Cross, Main Street, Scopwick (Building)
Monument Type MLI90031 Commemorative Monument, Church of St Andrew, Fillingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI126002 Gloster Meteor Aircraft Crash Site and Memorial, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90203 Handley Memorial, Southgate, Sleaford (Building)
Monument Type MLI96444 Holgate Monument, Brocklesby (Building)
Monument Type MLI125659 Louth Flood Memorial, Louth Cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93504 Lychgate to the Churchyard, Revesby (Building)
Monument Type MLI94604 Lychgate, Moulton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI99498 Memorial cross to the north of the site of Carlton Lodge, Great Carlton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92714 Memorial in forecourt of the General Baptist Church, Boston (Building)
Monument Type MLI93292 Memorial, Church of St Vedest, Tathwell (Building)
Monument Type MLI95086 Monument of Sir Robert Heron, Stubton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96703 Monument to dog, Brocklesby (Building)
Monument Type MLI96437 Monument to Horse, Brocklesby (Building)
Monument Type MLI96566 Monument to the Maltby family in St Edith's churchyard, Coates (Stow parish) (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97001 Monument to Thomas Straw, All Saints Churchyard, Greetwell (Building)
Monument Type MLI96840 Monument to Thomas Winn, All Saints Churchyard, Greetwell (Building)
Monument Type MLI95678 Monument to Viscount Alford, Belton Park, Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96464 Monument, Churchyard of St Mary's Church, South Kelsey (Building)
Monument Type MLI98983 Pahud Memorial, Hubbards Hills, Louth (Monument)
Monument Type MLI50433 Pelham Mausoleum, Great Limber (Building)
Monument Type MLI52984 Pelham's Pillar, Cabourne (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93165 Pump, Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven (Building)
Monument Type MLI50633 Remains of Anglo-Saxon Crosses, St Peter and St Pauls Church, Toft Newton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI40097 St Leonards Church, Woodall Spa (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33684 St Mary's Church, Swinstead (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33601 St Stephen's Church, Careby in Careby, Aunby and Holywell parish (Building)
Monument Type MLI33878 St Thomas a Becket Church and churchyard, Burton Coggles. (Building)
Monument Type MLI92137 Stanhope Memorial, Market Place, Horncastle (Building)
Monument Type MLI96011 Statue of Frederick James Tollemache, St Peters Hill, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93962 Statue of Lion, Arboretum, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96315 Statue of Sir Isaac Newton, St Peters Hill, Grantham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98113 Swineshead Abbey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI96409 The Monument, Somerby (Building)
Monument Type MLI96592 Tomb, Church of St Peter, Aisthorpe (Building)
Monument Type MLI96777 Victorian water pump in the Market Place, Caistor (Monument)
Monument Type MLI93026 Wellington Monument, Woodhall Spa (Building)