Thesaurus Term/Concept: BANK (EARTHWORK)

Identifier 91126
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Linear or curvilinear construction of earth, turf and stone, often, but not always accompanied by a ditch. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI80958 A plover catch, Howdales (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34342 Auster Wood, Edenham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI86222 Bank and ditch running parallel to the Waddington/Bracebridge Heath parish boundary (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33304 Billingborough middle to late Bronze Age settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34324 Boothby Little Wood, Boothby Pagnell (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34360 Bourne, Fox and Pillar Woods (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34339 Braceborough Great Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34340 Braceborough Little Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34269 Cabbagehill Wood, Castle Bytham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34355 Callan's Lane, Pasture, Thorny and Scullar Woods, Kirkby Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88309 Earthwork bank at Tothill near Toot Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33185 Earthwork bank, possibly associated with the Car Dyke, Thurlby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91023 Earthwork banked and ditched enclosure, Braceborough (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91050 Earthwork medieval ridge and furrow and field system, Harlaxton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91099 Earthwork undated possible ditch, bank and trackway, Silk Willoughby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89637 Earthworks south of Elmtree Farm, Mill Drove, Spalding (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97909 Earthworks, Amber Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34357 Gunboro' Wood, Edenham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34328 Ingoldsby Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MLI33379 Late Bronze Age or Iron Age to Roman features, Mill Field, Market Deeping (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91172 Late Saxon features off Beck Road, near Castle Hill, Welbourn (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92326 Lincoln Waterworks Co. Reservoir (site of), Chapel Lane, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81837 Linear ditch system, west of A15, Dunsby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI81372 Linear earthwork feature, running alongside the Witham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI12554 Linear Earthwork, Kirton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85054 Medieval cropmark bank, south of Worlaby, Maidenwell (Monument)
Monument Type MLI13006 Medieval dylings and flood defence bank at Gold Fen Dike Bank (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80733 Medieval earthworks at Leverton Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90854 Medieval settlement earthworks, Thorpe St Peter (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34358 Nab Wood, Hanthorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MLI116095 Parish boundary between North Stoke and South Stoke, Stoke Rochford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89155 Parish boundary earthwork bank, Ashby de la Launde (Monument)
Monument Type MLI83465 Possible Bronze Age or Iron Age earthwork banks, Middle Field/Red Inn Field (Monument)
Monument Type MLI92344 Possible late prehistoric earthwork bank, Burgh on Bain (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98613 Possible linear features, pits and earthworks, Long Bennington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI89093 Possible Medieval field system on land at Red House Paddock, Tallington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90682 Probable late medieval earthwork ridge and furrow, Marston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90683 Probable late medieval earthwork ridge and furrow, Marston (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88646 Probable late Medieval earthwork ridge and furrow, North Kelsey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88647 Probable late Medieval earthwork ridge and furrow, North Kelsey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88648 Probable late Medieval earthwork ridge and furrow, North Kelsey (Monument)
Monument Type MLI43206 RIDGE AND FURROW (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80708 Roman Bank, Ingoldmells (Monument)
Monument Type MLI97422 Roman site on the route of the Burgh le Marsh Bypass (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90238 Romano-British Activity, River Gwash, Uffington (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34323 Ropsley Rise Wood, Ropsley and Humby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88030 Section of parish boundary, between Tattershall Thorpe and Kirkby on Bain (Monument)
Monument Type MLI95120 Section of town wall to the north of North Walk House, North Street, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI42068 Settlement of Claxby St Andrew (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85689 Settlement of Welbourn (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34356 Spring Wood, Edenham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34354 Temple Wood, Kirkby Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MLI41255 The Priory of St Mary at Alvingham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34308 Twyford Forest, Colsterworth (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90033 Undated bank and ditch to the west of the Car Dyke, Helpringham (Monument)
Monument Type MLI85641 Undated Bank, Mausoleum Woods, Great Limber (Monument)
Monument Type MLI84553 Undated earthwork bank, north of the Manor House, Welton le Wold (Monument)
Monument Type MLI88985 Undated earthwork bank, Tattershall (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90853 Undated earthwork bank, Thorpe St Peter (Monument)
Monument Type MLI90871 Undated linear earthwork bank and ditches, Swaby (Monument)
Monument Type MLI80705 Undated north-south ridge, Westborough (Monument)
Monument Type MLI91510 Unidentified, undated earthworks in a field off West End Road, Frampton (Monument)
Monument Type MLI34266 West and East Morkery Woods (Monument)