Thesaurus Term/Concept: BASTION

Identifier 68822
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A flanking tower, or projection from the main walls of a defensive work from which a garrison can defend the ground in front or on the flank.

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Context Record
Monument Type MLI95116 5 Wharf Road, Stamford (Building)
Monument Type MLI93747 Base of the North Gate Bastion, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI54186 Caistor Roman Town (Monument)
Monument Type MLI98731 Medieval bastion and town walls, St Mary's Hill, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI70153 Newport Arch, town wall and 52 Bailgate (house adjoining Newport Arch), Newport, Lincoln (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30637 Remains of a bastion of the town wall, Wharf Road, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI35034 Tower of medieval Town Wall, West Street, Stamford (Monument)
Monument Type MLI30639 TOWER, TOWN WALL, WHARFE ROAD (Monument)
Monument Type MLI43583 Walled Roman Settlement of Bannovallum, Horncastle (Monument)